Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur
How to fit real self-care into your busy everyday routine 
Sick of feeling low, anxious, overwhelmed or negative, but too busy for self-care?
Not anymore. 
Learn how to make time for your mental health with crucial self-care, how to cultivate a positive mindset, and be the best damn female entrepreneur you can be!
Make Time for Self-Care - even when you're super-busy
Learn How to Balance Your Business & Mental Health
Cultivate a Positive Mindset, Learn Self-Worth and Improve Self-Esteem
Become the Best Boss Lady You Can Be!
After a severe depressive episode in 2016, I decided that it was time to take charge of my mental health or face the consequences.

I wasn't finding time for self-care - I didn't know how important it was or how to fit it in - and every aspect of my life suffered. 

I made it my mission to fit self-care into my busy, self-employed life, and gradually my mental health began to heal.

Almost three years later, I'm now at a place in my life where my mental health is stable, self-care is second nature, and, as a result, my business - Seeking Serotonin - is growing.

I'm off my medication for the first time in five years. I'm more positive and balanced than I've ever been. And my self-worth has translated into a successful blog, which helps thousands of people every month.

I'm the female entrepreneur I've always wanted to be, loving life, and able to deal with all the overwhelm that comes from running your own business.

All thanks to self-care and the valuable life lessons I've learned along the way.

Sick of feeling overwhelmed, low, anxious and negative? This is where Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur comes in.
How to fit real self-care into your busy everyday routine 
How to fit self-care into your busy life in order to improve your mental health and mindset 
Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur will help you improve your mental health, take charge of your life, and become the best boss you can be with the help of self-care.

Take responsibility for your mental health and learn how you can fit in self-care into even the busiest routine.
Self-care for the Girlboss

Here's what you'll learn...
Learn how to fit in self-care and be your own boss!
  •  Self-care Pillars: Learn all about the 'Self-Care Pillars', what they mean and why they're so important for your mental health.
  •  Self-Care Tips: Get ALL the invaluable, REAL LIFE actionable self-care tips I've learned from years of experience dealing with mental health issues.
  • 100% Honesty: Read about my very real and raw personal experience, actionable advice and how to apply this to your life as a female entrepreneur.
  •  Set Goals: Schedule and plan self-care into your busy routine in real time; learn to work around your business.
  •  Positive mindset: Find out how to cultivate a positive, realistic mindset, learn self-worth and improve your self-esteem.
  •  Become a better Entrepreneur: Take responsibility for your mental health and see your business flourish as a result.
  •  Bonuses: Download a printable self-care planner, medication tracker, and mood tracker, and get exclusive access to a password-protected mental health resource library! All free when you purchase the Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur ebook today!
Here's what you'll get...
Get everything you need to become a better businesswoman through self-care
Try it! You’ve got nothing to lose.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur Ebook

This is the main 18,000+ word ebook that you'll be getting when you purchase today.

- Learn all about how to fit in crucial self-care - no matter how busy your schedule.

- Take responsibility for your mental health, find balance, and self-worth.

- Cultivate a more positive mindset, set goals, set a schedule, and get stuff done!
Bonus #1: Printable Self-Care Planner ($15 FREE)

One of the most important aspects of fitting in self-care as a female entrepreneur is forward planning. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

- Print out your own self-care planner.

- Make time for self-care AS WELL as business tasks.

- Become a put together, organised businesswoman with forward planning.
Bonus #2 & #3: Medication & Mood Trackers ($10 FREE)

Two types of self-care you NEED to practise in order to keep your health in check is to keep up-to-date with prescribed medication and be self-reflective.

- Keep track of your medication and any therapy appointments with this free printable.

- Reflect on your mood with a daily mood tracker.

- Notice and reflect on any changes or trends in order to take action and become a better boss.
Bonus #4: The Ultimate Self-Care & Mental Health Resource Library ($20 FREE)

Get instant lifetime access to our password-protected mental health recourse library.

- Learn all about mental health and self-care from a range of handy resources.

- Get lifetime access to the useful list, which will regularly be updated.
Bonus #5: 60+ Self-Care Ideas ($10 FREE)

Stuck for self-care ideas other than the dozens outlined in the book? Here's a list of even more!

- Get self-care ideas for in the home, out of the home, at work - everywhere.

- Schedule in awesome self-care days with ease using this handy guide.
That's over $55 worth of bonuses for FREE when you buy Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur today!
Get the Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur ebook for just $9.99 today and get over $55 worth of bonuses for FREE!
Meet the Female Entrepreneur Behind the Ebook
Hi there! I'm Nia.

Founder of Seeking Serotonin and Squats and Serotonin.

I helped women change their mindset, look after their mental health and become the best Female Entrepreneur they can be.

After struggling with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses since childhood, I know exactly what it's like to feel as if you're completely alone in the world, useless, and hopeless.

After a severe depressive episode in 2016, I knew it was time to really take responsibility for my mental health. I learned all about self-care and the power of a positive - yet realistic - mindset.

I'm now off medication for the first time in years and am confident that I can deal with anything life - and work - throw at me.

Now, I want to use my passion for writing and helping others to help you heal your mental health too.

I've been writing online for almost seven years after earning a degree in English and Creative Writing in 2012.

Got any questions? Here are some FAQs...
What is Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur?
Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur is an 18,000+-word ebook on how women can fit self-care into a busy, business-fuelled life. It contains plenty of actionable tips on positive thinking, self-care, and prioritising your mental health while becoming the best businesswoman you can be.
Will the ebook be updated at any point?
Yes. I want this ebook to be the ultimate guide to self-care for the Female Entrepreneur. This means, I'll be updating it every so often with your suggestions! 
Will I have to pay extra for ebook updates?
Nope :). You make a one-off payment today, you'll get lifetime access to the most updated version of the ebook.
Why is Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur not available in hardback?
At this moment in time, the costs associated with producing a hardback book are too high for me to personally manage. 
Can men buy Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur?
Of course! Even though this ebook is targeting at women, anyone can buy it, enjoy it and use the practical self-care tips.
How do I get Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur?
Click the big, pink button below to get started and you will have your ebook TODAY!
How can I read Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur?
You can read this ebook on your phone, laptop, computer, or tablet.
Don't wait! Grab Self-Care for the Female Entrepreneur today and get $55 worth of bonuses for FREE!
Take responsibility for your mental health and business today for a limited time price of just $9.99.
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